Gabriel Wainstein, Eli J. Müller, Natasha Taylor, Brandon Munn, and James M. Shine (2022), “The role of the locus coeruleus in shaping adaptive cortical melodies” Trends in Cognitive Sciences DOI: (2022)

Gabriel Wainstein, a PhD student in Mac Shine's lab, has just had a first-author review published in Trends in Cognitive Sciences. The paper suggests a novel analogy for thinking about the influence of the locus coeruleus – a small region in the brainstem – over the rest of the brain: that of a bow to the brain’s violin. We use the analogy to highlight exciting new studies across a range of different scientific fields, and then extend the analogy to show how subtle impairments in the locus coeruleus can cause a range of different neurological and psychiatric symptoms. View Article