Siobhan Shaw

Siobhan is currently working as a research assistant for the MIND team. She works across a range of projects however her main focus is on anhedonia in frontotemporal dementia. Siobhan has also recently started her PhD with the same lab group. Her PhD focuses on the role of episodic future thinking in anhedonia in both patients with depression and patients with dementia.

Forefront Group: FRONTIER Research Group, Memory and Imagination in Neurological Disorders team (MIND) – MIND group


Prof. Muireann Irish, Prof. Olivier Piguet


  • Multimodal neuroimaging
  • Neuropsychology
  • Cognitive neuroscience

Affiliate Organisations:

The University of Sydney

Neurodegeneration of interest:


Specific Skills:

  • Cognitive assessment
  • Statistical modelling
  • Multimodal neuroimaging acquisition and analysis