Congratulations to Nic Dzamko for his paperr “Autophagy activation promotes clearance of α-synuclein inclusions in fibril-seeded human neural cells” being selected as the representative ‘Neurobiology’ article for the 2019 retrospective collection called “The year in JBC: 2019.” The associate editors looked through hundreds of papers to come up with what they felt best represented the exciting advances reported in JBC last year, and were very pleased to include Nic's paper in the group.

The editors are pleased to present this collection as representing “The year in JBC” for 2019. These outstanding studies provide important advances in existing fields, such as new insights into the initial species and subsequent aggregates of proteins involved in Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases, and push the boundaries of emerging fields, such as exploring how intracellular trafficking and autophagy impact those same neurodegenerative culprits and how phase separation plays a role in aggregation events and gene regulation.