Mutian Cui

Mutian is a 2nd year Phd student from China, investigating the synthesis of Altenusin Analogues as Tau Aggregation Inhibitors

Forefront Group: Medicinal Chemistry & Drug Discovery


Prof. Michael Kassiou


  • Synthesis
  • SAR research

Affiliate Organisations:

USyd, Faculty of Science

Neurodegeneration of interest:

Alzheimer's Disease

Specific Skills:


Project - Synthesis of Altenusin Analogues as Tau Aggregation Inhibitors

Disease area:

Alzheimer's Disease

Research Project Description

  • Altenusin a biphenyl polyphenol isolated from the endophytic fungus Alternaria sp, has been found to inhibit tau aggregation in vitro. However, the treatment with Altenusin neither improved functional deficits nor reduced NFT neuropathology in mice.
  • The synthesis of a library of “hybrid” molecules based on the results of the NMR fragment screen afforded us a new scaffold. And the research work is based on this new structure.