Andrea Ricciardiello

Hailing from a sleep research background Andrea is interested in the contribution of affective disorders and sleep disturbance to memory impairment.

Forefront Group: Healthy Brain Ageing Program


Professor Sharon Naismith, Dr Angela D’Rozario, Dr Rick Wassing, Associate Professor Fiona Kumfor

Affiliate Organisations:

Woolcock Institute of Medical Research


  • Neurophysiology
  • High-density EEG
  • Affective disorders

Neurodegeneration of interest:

Late-life depression, Sleep disorders

Specific Skills:

  • Sleep polysomnography
  • Sleep scoring
  • Phlebotomoist

Project - The Impact of Sleep Disturbance on Sleep Dependent Emotional Memory Consolidation: An Investigation of Late-Life Depression

Disease area:

Late-life depression

Research Project Description

Good quality sleep is crucial for optimal memory processing and specific brain waves (EEG) during sleep are intimately linked to the consolidation of information we learn. The purpose of this study is to examine brain waves during sleep to understand the impact of altered sleep neurophysiology on emotional memory in depressed and non-depressed participants. The main outcome of the study is emotional memory tested using emotional memory tasks completed before and after a night of sleep. Participants will be fitted with a 256-electrode high-density EEG cap to wear during sleep. High-density EEG is a novel non-invasive technology that combines precision in measuring brain dynamics across the entire cortex (256 electrodes) over long periods of time e.g. during sleep, allowing us to identify distinct regions of pathological activity during sleep.