Professor Glenda Halliday 2021 Fellows of the Australian Academy of Science.

Professor Glenda Halliday has been elected by the Australian Academy of Science as one of 22 of Australia’s most distinguished scientists in 2021.

Glenda is the lead investigator of the ForeFront group. Her research on neurodegeneration has made major impacts on understanding disease progression and diagnostic criteria. By establishing the Sydney Brain Bank and applying her expertise to clinicopathological correlations, her work has helped transform international diagnostic criteria, allowing for improved accurate diagnosis, particularly Parkinson’s disease and frontotemporal dementia. Along with the 365 strong research team in Forefront, their research has continued to look at the underlying mechanisms involved in non-Alzheimer dementias, to define unique roles of certain genes and proteins to develop diagnostic protocols and potential therapies for early intervention.

“This recognition also honours the work of my colleagues: we currently have a workforce of 365 researchers investigating non-Alzheimer’s dementias and to know that these discoveries are recognised as being of significant impact by the Academy is a testament to their work,” said Professor Halliday.