Common and uncommon lipid dysregulation pathways in MSA and PD brain.

Congratulatons to Scott Kim, Glenda Halliday, Nicolas Dzamko and YuHong Fu on being awarded a new an international grant as part of the MSA united research group.

Lipid homeostasis is increasingly recognised to be important for normal brain and peripheral function, and that lipid regulating genes have been identified to be among the strongest risk factors for neurodegenerative diseases. Despite this, very little is known about global lipid changes across MSA-P, MSA-C and PD. The level and distribution of apolipoproteins across MSA-P, MSA-C and PD is simply unknown. Importantly, common and uncommon lipid dysregulation pathways/mechanisms underlying MSA-P, MSA-C and PD are unknown. We therefore hypothesised that common and uncommon lipid dysregulation pathways underlie MSA-P, MSA-C and PD, which contribute to neurodegeneration in MSA and PD. The aim of the project is to conduct a comprehensive lipidomics and apolipoprotein analysis of MSA-P, MSA-C and PD brain. This study will reveal critical lipid pathways altered in MSA-P, MSA-C and PD that will lead to a more defined therapeutic strategy for each disease and subtype.


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