Astrid Feentje Feiten

Astrid received her Bachelor of Science in Cognitive Science from the University of Osnabrück, Germany in 2016. Afterwards she moved to Australia for a research internship at the School of Psychology at the University of New South Wales (UNSW). In March 2018 Astrid joined the Dementia Research Unit at UNSW, headed by Prof. Lars Ittner, as a PhD student and moved with him to Macquarie University in December 2018 to establish the Dementia Research Centre.

Her research interest throughout her studies have been neurodegenerative diseases. Astried is interested in the cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying disease as well as the translation of these findings into new therapeutic approaches.

Forefront Group: Dementia Research Centre


Professor Lars Ittner, Associate Professor Yazi Ke


  • Neuroinflammation/microglia
  • Animal models

Affiliate Organisations:

Macquarie University

Neurodegeneration of interest:


Specific Skills:

  • Immunofluorescence imaging
  • in-vivo experiments


Postsynaptic processes regulated by the microtubule associated protein tau PhD start date: 05.03.2018